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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 16, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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♪ rolling -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by abc, inc. and touchstone television grub fire on the evening commute. a suspect shot by the chp all but shutting down highway 24. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. this started after a motorcycle crash in oakland and both on highway 24. alan wang is live with the story tonight. alan? >> dan and ama, the eastbound wilder road off-ramp reopened after a six-hour crime scene investigation. but police are still looking for any witnesses who may know what happened on highway 24 is
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that lead up to the officer-involved shooting. >> sheriff investigators say the suspect vehicle was parked along the eastbound wilder road exit off the highway 24 tunnel. around 4:00 a chp officer investigating an injury hit andun incident saw the car that matched the suspect description. a toolbox was opened next to the front tire and there was front end damage to the silver honda which had no license plates. at some point the officer fired his weapon at the driver and hitting him in the torso. investigators are not saying what lead to the shooting and they will not say whether a motorcycle crash an hour earlier is connected. this is video shot by abc7 on highway 24 around a 3:30. the motorcycle crashed and burned near the broadway exit in oakland and it caused a major traffic back up. >> after we have all of the information we can draw a rational conclusion as to what transpired. >> how seriously was the
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motorcycle driver injured? >> i don't have the status of his condition. >> police have been examining a black travel bag that was sitting next to the open trunk of the suspect vehicle. the driver was taken by ambulance to john mier hospital in walnut creek and tonight his condition is unknown. alan wang, abc7 news. happening right now, an amber alert for two children kidnapped from nevada. they say liliana ramirez and martin row sal less were taken illegally by their parents. the parents do not have legal custody of the children. they fear that the children face a risk of being seriously injured or killed. investigators suspect they may be headed toward northern california or perhaps mexico. they are likely driving a late 1980s or early 90s blue ford munstang with either nebraska license plates or a temporary license plate. the amber alert is not
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appearing on cal trans highway message signs, but you can see the information on some private billboards like this one in berkeley. there is a change inhe forecast coming up. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> reporter: the changes may mean drastic changes coming up in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. check out live doppler 7hd and we have fog. this is typical along the coastline. as i pull out i want to show you what is going to bring the change. it is an area of low pressure off the coast. it is going to work its way down toward our coastline and when it arrives you may be reaching for your umbrellas. i'll be back with a detailed look in just a few minutes. a wildfire is burning to the east of clear lake off highway 20. the so-called double fire started before 6:00 tonight and has burned about 60 acres. firefighters are concerned that it could grow to self-hundred.
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some high voltage power lines have made it more dangerous for firefighters. >> and palo alto police have released this sketches of the two men they say did it. it happened last night in robles park before 9:00. one suspect had a knife and the other a handgun. the two men demand -- demanded the man's property and one guy punched him in the face and cut his arm. the child was not harmed. the man accused of murdering four women decades ago dliffed his clothing arguments in a marin county courtroom. joseph naso is representing himself in the murder trial. he claimed the case against him is week and told juries to ignore the evidence presented by prosecutors saying the dna evidence is conclusive. he was scolded five times for misrepresenting evidence and bringing up things never presented in the trial. steven clark said it was one
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of the most bizarre things he has seen in court. >> what he is trying to do in his closing argument is testify. he did not testify for the trial where he would have been subject to cross-examination. he is try introduce evidence not brought in in the trial in his closing argument. >> if convicted he could get the death pebble tee. death penalty. >> a teller and her boyfriend are facing charges for identity theft and stealing from an elder tonight. they are accused of say phoning $119,000 from a 91-year-old man's bank account and going a spending spree. the teller set up phony accounts four days before the man's death in july. the couple is being held on a quarter million dollars bail each. we now know the cause of death of a marin county woman whose body was found in sequoia national park last week. the sheriff's office says johnny dean daniel died from cardiac arrest. altitude and exertion were
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contributing factors. he was an attendance clerk in mill valley. at&t is trying to fix a telephone outage at san jose state university. it has gone down twice. it prevents calls between on campus phones phones. callers should dial 9-1-1 to report any on campus emergencies. a landmark building will be demolished. it is happening at warren hall on the east bay campus. abc7 news reporter join us with more. sergio in -- sergio? >> reporter: they have towered over hayward giving a spectacular view of the bay. in just a few hours every street leading up to here is going to be shutdown to keep people at a safe distance. that's because in the morning the tower is coming down.
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every morning when he leaves his house warren hall is right there. >> honestly when i first moved here it was kind of an eyesore. i have gotten used to it now. it is a nice, gorgeous immediate low hillside and beautiful trees. and then -- >> reporter: after tomorrow morning the 40-year-old tower will be gone. warren hall was built along a fault -- fault line and deemed the most seismic building in the system. it has been abandoned for years. he says he will invite people over to watch the building come down jie. we are having people come over with donuts and coffee and set up lawn chairs. >> quite a few people have been buzzing around the neighborhood looking for the best vantage point. on campus they snapped their last pictures before the sunset on this tower that first opened in 1971. crews used jackhammers to soften the structure. 462 pounds of precision explosives will be used to make the building lean and then collapse on itself. >> we expect it is a 10 to
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12-second event and it will go from a 13-story tower to a 30-foot high pile of debris. >> they will offer the best and safest vantage point and shutting down all streets heading up to campus. >> this is an icon in the region. to see it come down i think will be fantastic. but safety is first. >> for those who live nearby dust will be the biggest concern. >> i just bought a box of dust masks. >> reporter: it is scheduled to be destroyed at 9:00 a.m. >> if you want to see the implosion as it happens from the comfort of your own home we will be streaming it at tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> and in your home you won't need a dust mask. the deadly limo fire. a look on abc7 news. was the driver distracted
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horrific limo fire on the san mateo bridge we just learned the findings of the criminal investigation into what happened. five women died when they could not get out of the car. vic lee has a story you will see only on abc7 news. rapt the chp -- >> reporter: the chp wanted to see if anybody was negligent. they focused on the driver. sources tell us at the end of july the chp decided there was no evidence to press criminal charges against the two men. and then suddenly brown's estranged wife said publicly that the two argued on his cell phone shortly before the fire as he was driving. >> i'm sure he could have saved them. he wags too busy on the phone -- he was too busy on the phone. >> reporter: she said he was paying music too -- playing music too loudly and not
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paying attention. they renewed the probe to see if he was distracted. the chp reviewed his cell phone records and determined he had not been on the phone with his wife during the fire and that there was no other evidence to charge him criminally. the chp's conclusion is that the tragic incident was the result of a mechanical failure. the stretch limo burst into flames on the san mateo bridge on the night of may 4th. the fire killed five women. four others survived by crawling out a narrow open together driver's compartment. this shows the fire started in the rear of the limo. the back of the lincoln towncar was low to the ground when traveling across the bridge. sources with knowledge of the probe says the air springs somehow deflated and setting off a domino affect that lead to the fire.
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he manages a garage that services the limos. he explained what likely happened when the balloons failed. >> these are air springs. they are not even air shocks. they carry the weight of the car. when one has a rupture on it, the whole car drops down to basically all of the tires. the car with the weight bounced down too hard and ended up hitting the gas tank which is right in this spot here. they might have hit the gas tack tack -- gas tank and it would create a spark. >> the spark likely ignited the fire. abc7 news. >> it is a little after 8:00 in egypt. it is another bloody day of street fighting. 82 people died on friday and it brings people killed to a staggering 700. the muslim brotherhood angry their leader mohamed morsi was overthrown declared friday a day of rage.
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some people jumped for their lives off a bridge and others dodged bullets in front of the four seasons hotel. president obama asked cairo to lift a month long state of emergency declared earlier this week. new at 11:00, a high school teacher from california helped save a german tourist after a shark attack in hawaii. the shark attacked a woman while snorkeling 75 feet offshore of a beach in maui. the woman lost her arm after being bitten in the shoulder. that's when this orange county resident sprung into action. >> she was in and out of saying these words "i'm dying." "i'm gonna die." i kept citying no you are not. we are getting you to shore. >> he backstroked through strong victims as he pulled her back to shore and she is in critical condition tonight. iowa doctors are issuing a warning about do not eat a tapeworm to lose
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weight. an iowa woman actually ate a live one of these you can see on your screen as a diet aid. apparently several websites are selling them as a weight loss tool. they can grow up to 30 feet in your intest tin. some causing seizures. doctors say eat healthy if you want to drop the weight. some san diego disk jockeys barrowed a scene from "the wizzard of oz" to send a message to bob filner. you can see where they were going with this. it says surrender, bob just like the wicked witch of the west spelled out surrender, dorothy. she saw caused of -- he is accused of sexual harassment, but refuses to resign. sandhya patel is here with the forecast and maybe some changes. >> we are talking unusual weather for august and head
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nooght bay area. don't worry, it doesn't happen until the weekend plans are done. here is what is typical. the fog along the coastline. we are seeing it right now. it is mainly going to be confined to the coast because it is very shallow. clear skies inland. here is a look from our kgo roof camera. you can see a little breeze and the flags are blowing and looking at the embarcadero. 58 degrees and 60 in oakland. 67 redwood city and san jose and los gatos and fog is dropping your temperature down to 59 degrees. it is running cooler compared to 24 hours ago. and you are looking at the port of oakland from our emeryville camera. here are your temperatures. 58 in santa rosa and it is still comfortable in novato. 57 degrees. mid60s in concord and live more. from our explore for yum camera you can see some fog. if you have early morning plans fog will be at the coastline. hot inland on sunday and the thunder threat begins sunday
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late night and going right on through the middle of next week. june, july, august, typically dry in the bay area, but we do average .06 of an inch of rain in san francisco in the month of august, and we may be seeing the showers in the not too distant future. here is a system that could bring us that. right now we are just dealing with the subtropical moisture it is pulling up ahead of it. that's why we saw the high clouds today. we will see more high clouds on saturday and sunday and filtering the sunshine from time to time. that low will drop down southwest of the bay area and just sit there for a few days. unsettled pattern is possible late sunday night and really monday when the see sierra nevada will see thunderstorms and the mountains will talk thunderstorms as well. can't rule it out here locally. tomorrow morning mildest temperatures in the inland east bay low to mid60s there. most other areas midto upper 50s. it is cooling down.
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it will be foggy near the coastline so watch out for the patches of dense fog. tomorrow afternoon 83 in san jose in the south bay and 87 los gatos and on the peninsula mild afternoon with occasional high clouds. 82 in red we city and 84 loss altos and 65 on the coast in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 70 degrees. 63 in daly city and that fog will hang around into the afternoon. i know are you used to it. 89 santa rosa and 85 san rafael. 81 in castro valley and inland spots this is warm for you and concord and livermore. the seven-day forecast is getting hotter. close to 100 degrees and the beaches will be in the upper 60s and then key cool it off monday through wednesday. notice the extra clouds, possibility of unusual weather. >> i am not trying to play it up, but you may need the umbrellas and may need thunder and lightning around here.
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>> stay tuned. nfl football in town tonight. >> larry beil has the scoop for us. >> the 49ers rough up their old buddy alex smith and now there is a new quarterback to talk about. the fight to back up ka
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the game was billed as the 49ers versus their old leader alex smith and it ended with a focus on fourth string qb daniels who may not be fourth string anymore. remember when i benched you? never mind that. let's get past that. kaepernick played one series this week and missed a wide open holland. kaep is fine. we are not worried. they settled to a field goal and he was 3 of 3 and hit two from 55.
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the 9er defense still has not given up a touchdown this pre-season, but special teams are shaky and quinten dempse, uh loooooo -- aloooooooooha. >> already in midseason form. >> i could have gone another 40 yards. sacked by harelson and here is the star of the show. the rookie bj daniels and caping the 90-yard drive and that was the come back td and the niners win it 15-13. dennis alan used to coach and look at drew brees back here. 1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi, 4. he was 14 of 18202 yards and easy touchdown throw there. 17-0 saints. good numbers and 12 of 16 and $1.24.
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raiders were down at the break and their first team was out played. but their second teamers, they fought hard. seneca wallace by david bass and ryan robinson touchdown and raiders lose it 28-20. it is a chance to gain some ground on first place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. dan and i loosen up before every show. it gets the neck going. he is not my ennis he is yo ennis. that his his 20th homer. bottom of the seventh and he knocks in a hustling catch. he scored from first and top 9 and two men on as cabrera with a liner to third that looks scary. donaldson turns it into the game ending double play. 3-2 the final. the giants visiting south beach and playing the marlins. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league combined for 24 runs.
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hector sanchez set a season high in runs scored. they win a slug fest. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> he is a fresh -- freshman. >> he is a true freshman playing at marin catholic. >> thanks, larry. coming up next, the 11-year-old pianist who already
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wake up weather. we will see the fog along the coast first thing in the morning. high clouds as well. mild inland temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid60s. coming up, into the 60s at 8:00 a.m. and lisa argen is here at 5:00. >> thank you. a pianist is set to tickle the ivories at carnegie hall. but she is not nervous even though she is just 11 years old.
12:00 am
>> she had her mind set on becoming a concert pianist at age 5. her dad is a violinist and he helped inspire her interest in music. >> she won three international competitions and debuts at carnegie hall in october. she will have an amazing career. "jimmy kimmle live" is next with julia louis-dreyfus. >> that's our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. our news continues on facebook, twitter and all of your mobile devices. >> thank you for watching and we appreciate your time. hope you have a great weekend.


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